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余範英/「水創未來-國際論壇」Water for Safety 開場致詞


DirectorGeneral Lai, Dr. Chang, our distinguish keynote speakers,ladies and gentleman

The global warming issues start with a hypothesis and debatable issues at the end of 19 century for quite a period of time. Till June 23rd 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen made historical speech; in United States. Since hiscongressional testimony on climate change helped raise the broad awareness of global warming, which influence the political attitude and the media attention, Media start to take investigation and coverage around of the worldinstantlypopping tothe headline and front page.


From 1992 The Rio EarthSummit passed the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, till the year of 2015 December 12th COP24, 196 countries happily agreed upon the “Paris Agreement”, were driven by sense of responsibility for the present generations and feature, to accept a vague, featuring non-binding target for slowing the increase in carbon dioxide emission.Years pasted, Dec 2018 Trump administration at Cop 24 doubled down onits fossil fuel propaganda campaign, the official US response has been deeply disturbing.The Trump administration declared war on the Green New Deal, in a speech on is pandering to corporate polluters at the expense of those suffering the worst impacts of climate change. The United Stateslack of the participant and support alone with the capitalism marketeconomy has done little to help,all the adults annoyed the 16 years old Greta Thunberg,the Swedish young girl demands aan inconvenient truth, she shout loudly by trying to increase pressure on world political leaders to address climate change, she began with a one-person school strike in Stockholm.

Today, with all the understanding andknowledge about climate change we shoulddeal urgently andobviously, but the action is never enough with largely political and stakeholders benefit interfering, while the all human-being and nature planet still under the threats.

從1992年裡約地球首腦會議通過了《聯合國氣候變化框架公約》,到2015年12月12日COP24,196個國家愉快地商定了"巴黎協定",由對當代人的責任感驅動和特點,接受一個模糊的,具有不具約束力的目標,以減緩二氧化碳排放的增加。多年後,在2018年12月特朗普政府在Cop 24的化石燃料宣傳活動加倍,美國的官方反應已經令人深感不安。特朗普政府向綠色新政宣戰,在一次演講中,他們以犧牲那些遭受氣候變化最嚴重影響的人為代價,迎合企業污染者。美國的缺乏參與和支援也惹惱了16歲的格蕾塔·湯伯格,這位瑞典少女要求一個「不方便的真相」,她大聲喊叫,試圖增加對世界政治領導人,以應對氣候變化,她開始在斯德哥爾摩的一個人學校罷工。今天,隨著我們對氣候變化的所有理解和認識,我們應該緊急和明快嶼處理,但行動永遠不夠,在很大程度上是政治和利益攸關方面利益的干涉,而全人類和自然星球仍然受到威脅。



Although we see some humanity efforts fulfilled into accounts over the years, between 1990 and 2016 IPCC declared substantial progress has been made in reducing the proportion of the global urban population living in slums. But in year 2016, there is still over 1 billion people lived in slums or informal settlement, with over half (589million) living in East, South-East, Central , South Asia and AfricaOn top of that, there are more than 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress.Among all the severe problems today we gather here to talk about the nature threats on the water issues, to deal with Water shortage, River basin flooded, Seawater levels rising threatening coast lines and soil,theseirresistible urgencies we are facing in Taiwan and worldwide.Which we know the situation today will worsen each day.



At the island of Taiwan, from 1994 ROC governmentformalized the sustainable development committee at central and local level, where I participated as a member since. By now,the ROC sustainable development committee takes the climate change into the mostly current SDG’s generaldirection, the cities have beenenhanced with 150 countries, by enforce regulators ensuring better protection of plans, to respond voluntary national reviews and voluntary location reviews and set local alert systems. Today Our National comprehensivedevelopment plan is under revise, and implementland use monitoring program facing inadequate share of land usage. The task still under confront with which has been dedicated to open public spaces in a lot cities, countryside, farms, river basin or raw area. There is still tons of issues also need persistently improvement on asset integrity and design.All of that, when we deal with climate change issues and makes land and water more resilient to climate, it also haspolitical risk behind. We arealso has entangled behavior as world other countries, should be deeply concerned.



I have to congratulate that The Water Resource Agency (WRA) to hold our first international water leaders’ summit, andpay my respect to this mission oriented agency withlearning by doing progressively. This years’Expo 2019 with the theme “Water for The Future” includes international water exhibition and specialist forums.Thisspecialist forum will concentrated on the overview of “Flood management”and“water and Natural Resources management”, which are themost important issues, where the island of Taiwan facing many disaster,earthquake and typhoonfrequently. By this high-level knowledge sharing platform, we can not only access to all experts contributions, ideas, and intelligence and also listen to all distinguish keynote speakers to trace their experience through the insight story, picture each confront tack and to stir up all determination into action. We hope these cases will present to the audience with the general ideas of how the worldwide began to mitigating natural and unnatural threats to our water security.


On behave of all citizens of ROC, Thanks to all our water friends from abroad. We always need your support and take action together.